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Still love photographing soccer.


Kalamazoo Gazette photos

After the noise of the construction on M-89 quiets down on Wednesday nights, Plainwell Music Society’s summer concerts continue on.  
Lomax Big House performed in the third of 10 concerts scheduled for the summer while the crowd sat on lawn chairs and blankets, munching on popcorn from the concession stand. 


Kalamazoo Gazette photos

Soccer is my favorite sport to shoot…mostly because it’s the only sport where I know exactly what’s going on….because I took a class on it….


Greek musicians and dancers.

My gallery from this weekend’s festivals in Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo Gazette

Spent my morning with Otsego veterans for the dedication of their new monument.  It was a humbling morning talking to those who served.


Leo Flory, Vietnam

Art DeWitt, 91, WWII

Say thanks to a veteran today.

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